• Was this a Brexit budget in disguise?

    Was this a Brexit budget in disguise?

    30 November 2017
    Trevor Williams a visiting Professor at the University of Derby

    An examination of the Chancellor’s Budget 2017 by Trevor Williams, the former Chief Economist at Lloyds Banks.

  • Leading your people through change

    20 January 2017
    Lucy Adams is CEO of Disruptive HR, ex-HR Director of the BBC and author of the bestselling 'HR Disrupted'

    Remember the days when a “change programme” made sense? Change seemed more controllable, more linear – with a beginning, a middle, an end. The change management gurus told us that if we had a clear vision, an aligned senior team, a consistent message and some change champions, it would all go to plan. I have been leading change in complex organisations for years and more recently this hasn’t seemed to work so well.

  • FRS 102 – how was it for you?

    FRS 102 – how was it for you?

    12 December 2016
    Maria Hallows is Audit Partner at Beever and Struthers

    The biggest change to the accounting regime in a long time came into effect for accounting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2015 – which means that almost all housing associations have now prepared their accounts on the new basis. So, how was it for you?