Adrian Bell

Head of Social Housing, JCRA

Adrian is the Director and Head of JCRA's Social Housing Team. Adrian started his career with Hambros Bank where he built the fixed income business in a number of Eurobond markets and developed specialist institutional placement in long dated Sterling Bonds and US$ private placements. This team pioneered using the bond market to fund housing associations and were responsible for most of the innovations in this area benefitting the sector. In 1998 he joined RBC, rising to Chairman of RBC Europe, which during this time became one of the pre-eminent sterling bond houses in the City, and established the bank’s global Infrastructure Advisory Team. In 2009 Adrian retired from RBC to start a new, non-conflicted advisory business, focussed on assisting businesses previously reliant on bank and derivatives markets to access the bond market. This team now advises approximately 50 housing associations on all aspects of treasury, risk management and funding.