This year's Housing Finance conference will be taking place during the holy month of Ramadan. In light of this, we are committed to ensuring that all our Muslim colleagues feel supported and included throughout the event.

To achieve this, we will be implementing the following measures:

Highlighting local mosques: We will provide information about nearby mosques for those who wish to observe their religious practices.

Consideration for Islamic prayer times: Whenever feasible, we will align breaks with Islamic prayer times.

Thoughtful food placement and catering-free zones: Food placement will be carefully considered, and we will designate specific areas as catering-free zones during breaks.

Avoidance of strong-smelling foods: We will try to refrain from serving foods with strong odours to respect dietary preferences.

Evening catering and breaking of fast: Evening catering will be scheduled after sunset, ensuring food is available for breaking the fast. We will provide dates and water to facilitate this.

Incorporating charitable activities into event plans: Recognizing the significance of charity during Ramadan, we will incorporate opportunities for fundraising and volunteering within the event.

Minimising non-essential noise and music: We will keep non-essential noise levels and music to a minimum to maintain a peaceful atmosphere.

Informing delegates about RamadanoObservance: All delegates will be informed that the event coincides with Ramadan, along with suggestions on how we can collectively support our colleagues during this time.

In addition to the above, we will continue to:

Provide a designated prayer room: A designated prayer room will be available at the venue for those who require it.

Offer plant-based and vegetarian options: A diverse range of plant-based and vegetarian food options will be provided.

Provide non-alcoholic beverages: Non-alcoholic beverages will be readily available throughout the event.

Your cooperation and understanding in implementing these practices are greatly appreciated.