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We know that during the coronavirus crisis, housing associations have faced numerous challenges due to unprecedented pressure on customers, businesses and employees. Unfortunately this uncertainty is not over, the sustained period of lockdown and associated increase in unemployment has led to an increase in the arrears and void rent loss figures, which will impact our young and lower income residents disproportionately.

We don’t know the effects this will have on inflation, interest rates, or pensions but we know that the role of finance and treasury will always be critical in keeping us and all of our stakeholders safe whilst ensuring we can still deliver our business objectives.

This perpetually changing environment has been forcing finance and treasury teams to revisit the way they operate, manage risk, and plan for the future. Forecasts for the next 12 months indicate that the sector expects to increase its development and housing market exposure although not to the same level as pre-coronavirus forecasts. Housing associations also expect to increase their investment in existing stock, with building safety and de-carbonisation top priorities, but with so many millions of people in need of affordable housing and additionally of delivery becoming more and more challenging the need for new, quality affordable housing will be ever present.

2021 highlights included:

  • The impact of the coronavirus crisis on business plans and sector ambitions.
  • Alternative sources of funding.
  • The role of finance: connecting the dots between financial impact and operational impact.
  • The housing market outlook.
  • Government policies and regulatory changes.
  • Debt level and its impact on development.
  • The finance mechanisms behind sustainability.
About the event

Quite simply the best conference and networking opportunity in the sector. Every single 'player' in the social housing finance is there, together, under one roof at the same time.

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Housing Finance Conference 2019
About the event

The highlight of the year in my work calendar.